Section 254(a)(2), pages 72-73
How the state will distribute and monitor the distribution of the requirements payment to units of local government or other entities in the state for carrying out the activities described in element (section) number one, including a description of: the criteria to be used to determine the eligibility of such units or entities for receiving the payment; and the methods to be used by the state to monitor the performance of the units or entities to whom the payment is distributed, consistent with the performance goals and measures adopted under element (section) number eight.

The requirements payment available under HAVA shall be used for the purposes described in Section 1 above, including as provided in Section 251(b)(2), or as otherwise authorized by HAVA.

The Secretary of State, as Chief Elections Officer, will, in consultation with local elections officials and other interested parties, and after considering any voluntary guidelines adopted by the Commission pursuant to Subtitle B of Title III, establish a procedure for distributing and monitoring payments to local governments and other entities. To assist in this regard, the Secretary of State will appoint an Advisory Committee, composed of local elections officials and other individuals and representatives of organizations, to advise and make recommendations regarding the distribution of funds. After considering the advice and recommendations of the Advisory Committee, the Secretary of State shall:

  • establish the procedure, including an application forms and process, for receiving funds;
  • establish criteria for the distribution of funds, including identification of the types of individuals and entities eligible to receive funds;
  • establish specific performance goals and measures to monitor the use of those funds, requiring periodic reports and accounting to the Secretary of State to ensure the funds are being spent in accordance with Title III and the application for funds, and to ensure that programs are meeting the performance goals and measures adopted by the Secretary of State;
  • by general press release, by posting on the Internet, by communication to interested parties, and other appropriate methods, make the application for funds, the performance goals and measures, and other information regarding the procedure for the distribution of funds, publicly available.

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