Section 254(a)(13), page 76
A description of the committee which participated in the development of the State Plan in accordance with Section 255 and the procedures followed by the committee under such Section and Section 256.

As discussed above in the Overview, this Plan was developed through a committee of twenty-four individuals representing a cross-section of Californians. As required by Section 255(a), the individuals included the chief elections officials of the two most populous jurisdictions conducting federal elections in California (Los Angeles and Orange Counties), other local elections officials, stake holders, including representatives of groups of individuals with disabilities, and other persons. The list of the members and biographical information is here.

The Committee, as discussed in the Overview, held five public hearings inviting and receiving comment from the public. The Committee thereafter met in Sacramento and the Members made recommendations to the Secretary of State with respect to the content of the Preliminary State Plan. Those recommendations, as well as the comments received from the public, were considered by the Secretary of State in drafting the Preliminary State Plan.

After the Preliminary Plan was made available for inspection and comment, additional comments were submitted by members of the public and by members of the Advisory Committee. These comments were carefully considered by the Secretary of State in preparing the California State Plan.

For a discussion of the procedures followed by the Committee in developing the State Plan, see the Overview.


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