Section 254(a)(11), page 75
How the state will conduct ongoing management of the plan, except that a state may not make any material change in the administration of the plan unless the plan is appropriately noticed and published in the Federal Register.

The Secretary of State, as Chief Elections Officer, shall provide ongoing monitoring and oversight of compliance with the requirements of HAVA. To facilitate such, the Secretary of State shall require that:

  • any official or other entity receiving any funds under HAVA will be required to make ongoing reports on progress of implementation;
  • funds be awarded on a schedule or other basis that requires proof of satisfactory completion of one phase of a project before funds for the next phase are distributed;
  • local elections officials and interested individuals and organizations, including the Members of the California State Plan Advisory Committee involved in the development of this Plan, be consulted on a continuing basis with respect to management of the State Plan and any perceived problems with its implementation and/or the need for material change;
  • no material change be made in the administration of the State Plan prior to appropriate notice and publication in the Federal Register.


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