The California Secretary of State periodically provides written guidance and information to the state's county elections officials to help ensure a smooth electoral process.

The written advisories -- known as CCROVs since they are directed to County Clerks & Registrars of Voters -- are posted here shortly after they are provided to county elections officials. Electronic copies of all CCROVs dating back to January 1, 2013, are posted here.

To obtain a copy of a CCROV issued in 2012 or earlier -- or if you have any questions or comments -- please email the Elections Division staff using our online form or call (916) 657-2166.

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DateCCROV NumberTitle
04/25/2018 18090 Initiative: #1806, Related to Water Bonds – Eligibility for Ballot (PDF)
04/24/2018 18089 Election Materials: Reporting of Errors (PDF)
04/24/2018 18088 Voter Education & Outreach: Resources for County Elections Officials (PDF)
04/20/2018 18087 Initiative: 1852, Related to California Nationhood (PDF)
04/18/2018 18086 Initiative: Random Sample of #1810, Related to Kidney Dialysis Clinics (PDF)
04/18/2018 18085 Primary Election: UOCAVA/MOVE Act Survey (PDF)
04/16/2018 18084 Regulations: Electronic Poll Book – Second Notice of Modifications (PDF)
04/11/2018 18083 Polling Places: Disability Sensitivity (PDF)
04/11/2018 18082 Initiative: Failure of #1808, Related to Property Taxes (PDF)
04/11/2018 18081 Initiative: Failure of #1807, Related to Property Taxes (PDF)
04/11/2018 18080 Initiative: Failure of #1805, Related to Criminal Justice (PDF)
04/06/2018 18079 Primary Election: Early Voting and Ballot Drop-off Location Survey for Non Voter’s Choice Act Counties (PDF)
04/06/2018 18078 Voting Systems: OVSTA Monthly Update – April 2018 (PDF)
04/06/2018 18077 Statewide Direct Primary Election: Election Observer Panel Plan (EOPP) and Computer Vote Count Program (PDF)
04/06/2018 18076 National Voter Registration Act: Designation of University of California and California State University, Offices for Students with Disabilities, as Voter Registration Agencies (PDF)
04/05/2018 18075 Initiative: Random Sample of #1809, Related to Property Taxes (PDF)
04/05/2018 18074 Polling Place Accessibility: Polling Place Accessibility Guidelines and Checklists (PDF)
04/04/2018 18073 Dominion Voting Systems, Inc.: Public Hearing for ImageCast Remote 5.2 Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System (PDF)
04/04/2018 18072 Primary Election: UOCAVA/MOVE Act Survey and Schedule (PDF)
04/03/2018 18071 Voter Mailings: Move Update Compliance – Legal Restraint Method Approval (PDF)
04/02/2018 18070 Initiative: Withdrawal of 1813, Related to a Constitutional Convention (PDF)
04/02/2018 18069 Political Body: Constitution Party of California (PDF)
04/02/2018 18068 Political Body: The Humane Party of California (PDF)
04/02/2018 18067 Voter Registration: Postage Reimbursement and Replenishment Claims (FY 2017/2018 – 3rd Quarter) (PDF)