How do I find out the committees and filings associated with a specified treasurer or responsible officer?

  1. Find the "Advanced Search" link located in the upper left-hand portion of almost any Cal-Access menu page. Click on that link. This will bring up the "California Filings Searchable Database" page.
  2. Click on "Treasurer/Responsible Officer" under "Officers" under "Summary Reports" on the right-hand bottom of the page. It may take several seconds for your request to be processed. If nothing seems to happen when you click on the selection, wait a few seconds and the request is likely to be processed. The "Treasurer/Responsible Officer Search" page will be displayed.
  3. To determine a committee or entity with which a particular person is associated, enter the last name of the treasurer or responsible officer in the yellow box.
  4. Note that this search will only display data derived from online or electronic filings.