How do I find out who has contributed to a candidate for a local office, to an elected local officer, or to a local political committee, and how the contributions have been spent?

Campaign disclosure statements relative to contributions and expenditures concerning a local office or measure are filed with and are available for viewing and copying at the office of the county clerk or the city clerk, depending on the local matter involved.

Campaign financial information regarding local candidates and measures is ordinarily not available from the Secretary of State's office. The exception to this is when a candidate for local office or a local elected official also has a controlled committee formed for a state office or measure. In these cases, the local controlled committee is also required to file its committee's statement with the Secretary of State. If the candidate is required to file campaign statements online or electronically with the Secretary of State, the local controlled committee must also file its statements with the Secretary of State online or electronically. (Government Code sections 84215 and 84605 - 7th FAQ)