Mission Statement

It is the primary goal of the Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund (VCFCF) Ombudsperson to demonstrate the Secretary of State's commitment to victims of corporate fraud by:

  • Responding promptly to inquiries about VCFCF program information and application requirements;
  • Guiding customers through the application submittal and review process;
  • Referring customers to the appropriate government agency or consumer resources when the Secretary of State is not able to assist;
  • Ensuring a careful and thorough review of each application and a prompt decision where the minimum legal requirements have been met; and
  • Ensuring that victims of corporate fraud are paid the maximum compensation possible under the law.

The Ombudsperson staff is available during normal business hours.

Mailing Address

Secretary of State
Business Programs Division
Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund
ATTN: Ombudsperson
P.O. Box 15659
Sacramento, CA 95852

Phone Number

(916) 651-9070