Forms and Fees

In accordance with the revisions to the California Uniform Commercial Code and filing office practices and procedures, the California Secretary of State's office has adopted the following forms to be used exclusively. All other forms are obsolete and will be rejected by the filing office. Fees for all UCC filings and services also can be found on the Uniform Commercial Code Fee Schedule (PDF).

Reminder: All Filings and Contents are Available to the Public

Filings and information contained in filings you submit to the Secretary of State are public record, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing and street addresses, except as provided in statutes. To avoid issues related to identity theft you should avoid using and submitting confidential information in public filings unless specifically required by statute.  The public can view information and download documents contained in the Secretary of State’s electronic records using digital search tools and information posted on the Secretary of State’s website. Also, please note that individuals and private companies use this public information to create third party access to these records. 

For more information about privacy, please consult our FAQs Personal Information in Public Filings. More information on accessing public records is available through the Secretary of State's Guidelines for Access to Public Records.

Electronic Submissions (UCC Connect)

1. UCC Financing Statement & Addendum

(Forms UCC1 & UCC1Ad)

$ 5.00 $ 5.00
2. UCC Financing Statement Amendment & Addendum

(Forms UCC3 & UCC3Ad) (for each purpose e.g., termination, continuation, assignment or amendment)

$ 5.00 $ 5.00

1. Debtor Name - Standard Search Logic

(fee waived if certificate is ordered at the time of inquiry)

$ 5.00 N/A
2. Debtor Name - Non-Standard Search Logic

(wild card search)

No Fee N/A
3. File Number

(per file number)

$ 5.00 N/A
4. Secured Party Name $ 5.00 N/A
5. View Image

(per document - image can be printed at no additional charge)

$ 1.00 N/A

1. Debtor Search Certificate $ 5.00 N/A
2. Copies - * First page - $1.00; additional pages - $0.50 each * N/A
3. Certification

(per certification issued, in addition to copy fees)

$ 5.00 N/A

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Mail/Counter Submissions

Filings2 pages or less3 pages or more
1. UCC Financing Statement & Addendum

(Forms UCC1 & UCC1Ad - REV 04/2011)

$10.00 $20.00
2. UCC Financing Statement Amendment & Addendum

(Forms UCC3 & UCC3Ad - REV 04/2011)(for each purpose e.g., termination, continuation, assignment or amendment)

$10.00 $20.00
3. UCC Financing Statement Additional Party

(Form UCC1AP - REV 08/2011)(for use with UCC1)

No Fee No Fee
4. UCC Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party

(Form UCC3AP - REV 08/2011) (for use with UCC3)

No Fee No Fee
5. Information Statement

(Form UCC5 - REV 07/2012)

$10.00 $20.00
6. Notice of Judgment Lien & Addendum

(Form JL1 - REV 06/2001)

$10.00 $20.00
7. Judgment Lien Change Form & Addendum

(Form JL3 & JL3AD - REV 04/2010)

$10.00 $20.00
8. Judgment Lien - Full Satisfaction of Judgment (Court Issued) $10.00 $20.00
9. Notice of Attachment Lien/Termination or Amendment

(Forms ATL1 & ATL3 - REV 06/2001)

$10.00 $20.00
10. Notice of Federal Tax Lien & Amendment

(Forms FTL1 & FTL3)

$10.00 $20.00
11. Notice of State Tax Lien

(Form STL1)

No Fee No Fee
12. Notice of State Tax Lien Release

(Form STL3)

$ 2.00 $ 2.00

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1. Information Request

(Form UCC11 - REV 07/2014) (for use when ordering any of the items listed below)

2. Debtor Search Certificate   $10.00
3. Copies - * First page - $1.00; additional pages - $0.50 each   *
4. Certification

(per document, in addition to copy fees)

  $ 5.00
5. Special handling fee

(for each filing or order request received at the public counter - requests are processed in priority over requests submitted by mail)

  $ 6.00

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Bulk Orders

1. Daily Subscription - Data   $2700.00
2. Daily Subscription - Image   $3700.00
3. Daily Subscription - Data + Image   $4300.00

One-time or as needed
1. Master Upload - Data   $ 100.00
2. Master Upload - Image   $ 800.00
3. Master Upload - Data + Image   $ 900.00

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Filing Tips

This office only will accept the most current versions of the National Financing Statement (Form UCC1) and the National Financing Statement Amendment (Form UCC3). The Addendum (Forms UCC1Ad and UCC3Ad) and the Additional Party forms (Forms UCC1AP and UCC3AP) only should be completed and submitted with Form UCC1 or Form UCC3 if needed to record additional debtors and/or secured parties. (Note: The Additional Party forms also may be used to record additional debtors and/or secured parties when filing Notices of Judgment Liens and Notices of Attachment Liens.)

Please send the original document only. An acknowledgment letter and copy of the image of the original document will be returned as the acknowledgment copy for each accepted filing. To request a debtor search certificate at the time of filing, submit a National Information Request form (UCC11) along with the additional fee.

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