A person must satisfactorily pass a background check conducted by the Secretary of State as part of the application process to register as an immigration consultant. To assist in determining if an applicant qualifies, the applicant is legally required to be fingerprinted. (See Business and Professions Code section 22442.4.)

All fingerprints must be transmitted electronically through Live Scan submissions, which replace the standard fingerprint cards. Live Scan digital submissions provide the quickest way to submit and process background checks. For Live Scan locations and business hours, please refer to the Department of Justice's (DOJ) website or contact the Secretary of State's Special Filings staff.

You must bring the following to the Live Scan site:

  • A completed Request For Live Scan Service (PDF) form.
  • A current photo identification.
  • A $51.00 fingerprint processing fee ($32.00 for DOJ and $19.00 for FBI) and an additional fingerprint-rolling fee. Please call the Live Scan site to verify the amount of the fingerprint-rolling fee.

At the Live Scan location, request a copy of the completed Request For Live Scan Service form and retain the copy for your records. DOJ will transmit the background information electronically to the Secretary of State.


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