This image is for Pioneed Yeast or Baking Powder, trademarked by Folger, Schilling, and Company. in 1881. It shows a bearded man dressed in work clothes with a pick axe over his shoulder. The trademark is very colorful with red and yellow being the predominant colors.

"Forty-niners" flocked to California during the Gold Rush. Pioneers came to California by land and by sea from other parts of America and the world. The result was new wealth and a dramatically increased and diverse population. Small settlements grew into cities, business boomed, and California became a state in 1850. Increased population and trade resulted in the need for legislation regulating business. Laws requiring the registration, marking, stamping, or branding of livestock, gold, or other goods paved the way for California's 1863 Trademark Registration Act. In turn, images of pioneers and gold miners were depicted in many early trademarks for a variety of products.