Overview of the Legislative Program 

The Legislative Records Program (LegPro) works closely with the State Legislature to identify and preserve records and materials of enduring value to document California’s legislative history. The State Archives assists with caring for and providing access to these records, preserving the legacies of our elected officials.

Our services include:

  • Assisting with the Senate, Assembly, and Committees on matters concerning legislative record
  • Advising what is a historically-valuable record to be sent to Archives vs what can be destroyed.
  • Instructing offices and committees how to complete their Transfer Form, pack their boxes, and schedule their transfer.
  • Offering and conducting trainings on the Legislative Records Program, historically-valuable records vs not, reviewing the Legislative Packet, and the transfer process.

How Can We Transfer Records to the Archives? 

The LegPro Team has developed various dedicated materials and resources to assist staff in identifying, preserving, and transferring historically-valuable records to the State Archives. 

First, we have the Legislative Records Information Packet, which includes great information about the transfer process, the types of records LegPro typically looks for, how to contact LegPro, and other helpful information. Next, we have the Legislative Transfer Form, which should accompany any records transfer to the State Archives. 

Once you have identified records for possible transfer to the California State Archives, please reach out to the LegPro  team at LegRecords@sos.ca.gov so we can discuss the transfer with you and review your drafted Transfer Form. 

LegPro will review the listed items on the Transfer Form to ensure all records included are historically valuable. Once the Transfer Form has been reviewed,  approved, and returned to you by LegPro, please coordinate with either 1) the Assembly Warehouse or 2) the Senate Special Services Desk to schedule your transfer to the Archives. 

Materials and Training Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Contact Information

For assistance with transferring records to the State Archives, please contact the Legislative Records Program.