The California State Archives' Education Program staff is currently developing more online educational resources based on our collections and online exhibits to support K-12 and college classrooms! Stay tuned for new materials that cover key periods of California history and are aligned with national and state curriculum standards.

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High School Resources (Grades 9 - 12)

Teacher and Student Guides:

Historical Postcards (Grades 9-10)

California LGBTQ+ History (Grades 11-12)

Photography (Grades 7-12)

California Women's Suffrage and Women in Politics (Grades 9-12)

Representations of Native Americans in Past and Present Visual Culture (Grades 9-12)

World War II: California and the Incarceration of Japanese Americans (Grades 11-12)

California Farmworkers (Grades 6-12)

Elementary and Middle School Resources (Grades K - 8)

Teacher and Student Guides:

Stereographs (Grades 6-8) (New!) 

California and the Colorado River (Grade 8) (New!)

Spanish and Mexican California (Grade 4)

Photography (Grades 7-12)

Early California Trademarks (Grades K-4)

The California Gold Rush (Grade 4)

The Transcontinental Railroad (Grades 4-8)

California Women's History (Grades 3-8)

California Farmworkers (Grades 6-12)