Local Government Records Management

On September 7, 1999, Governor Gray Davis signed Senate Bill 742 (Chapter 360, Statutes of 1999), creating a new Local Government Records Program, to be administered by the California State Archives. This law went into effect on January 1, 2000.

The Local Government Records Program is a work in progress and the attached guidelines include inputs from many sources. The program is being built from ground up with very limited resources. We thank you for your patience as the California State Archives moves forward with this program and solicit your comments and suggestions.

Local Government Records Management Guidelines(PDF)

Historical Records of County Government in California, revised 2004(PDF)

For researchers interested in viewing local government records held at the California State Archives, please review this list of county records that may be in hard copy or on microfilm.

Standards for Preservation of Documents in Electronic Media

On September 18, 2000, the Governor signed Senate Bill 2067 (Chapter 569, Statutes of 2000). This bill amended Government Code section 12168.7 and states "…the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Department of General Services, shall approve and adopt appropriate standards established by the American National Standards Institute or the Association for Information and Image Management." The purpose of the bill is to provide uniform statewide standards for storing permanent and non-permanent documents in electronic media.

In response to that legislation, the "Trustworthy Electronic Document or Record Preservation" regulation became effective on August 8, 2012.

Trustworthy Electronic Document or Record Preservation

The AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) standards referenced in the regulation may be found at: Analysis, Selection, and Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems.

Updates will be released periodically on this webpage. For questions concerning records management issues or concerning the management of historical records, contact Jeff Crawford.