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Social Media

Social media is a fast, fun and easy way to get information out to your employees and customers. Copy, paste, use one of our photos and post. It’s that simple!

Sample Messages

  1. (insert your business name) is putting democracy to work! #VoteCalifornia
  2. Promote the vote. Get registered. Vote. #VoteCalifornia
  3. (insert your business name) takes pride in empowering our community! #VoteCalifornia
  4. Did you know you can register to vote online in California? Visit and get registered today. #VoteCalifornia
  5. Want to vote? Get registered #VoteCalifornia
  6. Visit and be sure to vote on November 8 #VoteCalifornia
  7. Register to Vote #VoteCalifornia
  8. We are committing to Register to Vote in 2016. #VoteCalifornia 
  9. Text Vote to GoVote (468-683) to find your polling place #VoteCalifornia
  10. Register to Vote by October 24 to vote in the November 8 election #VoteCalifornia

Use our photos:

Democracy at work, Vote California,  Democracy at work, Vote California, Democracy at work, Vote California,, text vote to govote to find your polling place


For more information, or to discuss other nonpartisan ways to encourage people to vote, please contact the Secretary of State’s Voter Education and Outreach Services team at or (916) 651-3070.