Attorney General Information: Initiative and Referendum Proposals Pending Review By Attorney General

The list below indicates proposed initiative and referendum measures that have been submitted to the Attorney General for preparation of the circulating title and summary. When the official circulating title and summary is complete, the Attorney General forwards it to the proponent(s) and to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State then provides calendar deadlines to the proponent(s) and to the county elections officials. For more information, please consult the Statewide Initiative Guide (PDF).


The full text of the initiatives pending at the Attorney General's Office are available on the Attorney General's website.



Attorney General Tracking
Number and Approximate
Date Title and Summary will
be issued to Secretary of State
17-0010 - 09/20/17 "State Water Supply Infrastructure, Water Storage and Conveyance, Ecosystem and Watershed Protection and Restoration, and Drinking Water Protection Act of 2018"

Gerald H. Meral

17-0011 - 09/25/17 "People's Initiative to Protect Proposition 13 Savings (Version 1)"

Alexander E. Creel

17-0012 - 09/25/17 "People's Initiative to Protect Proposition 13 Savings (Version 2)"

Alexander E. Creel

17-0013 - 09/25/17 "People's Initiative to Protect Proposition 13 Savings (Version 3)"

Alexander E. Creel

17-0014, Amdt. #1 - 10/13/17 "Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act"

Edward Howard
Benjamen Tracey

17-0015, Amdt. #1 - 10/13/17 "Kidney Dialysis Patient Protection Act"

Edward Howard
Benjamen Tracey

17-0016 - 10/20/17 “Adoption of ABA Model Rules”

Michael H. Vartanian

17-0017 - 10/23/17 “The California Call for a Constitutional Convention”

Clare Hedin

17-0018 - 10/24/17 "Three New States Within the Current Boundaries of California"

Timothy Draper

17-0019 - 10/24/17 "California Healthcare Roadblock Removal Act"

Dale Fountain

17-0020 - 10/24/17 "Repeal the Top Two Candidates Open Primary Law"

Thomas E. Palzer

17-0021 - 10/26/17 "The Teacher Fair Pay Act"

Marc Litchman

17-0022 - 10/27/17 "Criminal Prosecutions of Law Enforcement Officers"

Nadia Turner
Masheika E. Allen

17-0023 - 10/27/17 "The Voting Restoration and Equality Act of 2018"

Taina Vargas-Edmond

17-0024 - 10/31/17 "California Psilocybin Legalization Initiative"

Kevin P. Saunders
Dimitric Merchant

17-0025 - 11/01/17 "University of California Online"

Boyd Roberts

17-0026 - 11/02/17 "The Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act"

Cheri Shankar

17-0027 - 11/07/17 "The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018"

James C. Harrison
Kristen M. Rogers

17-0028 - 11/09/17 “California Education Tax Relief Act”

Lee Olson

17-0029 - 11/09/17 “California Freedom from Slavery Act”

Lee Olson

17-0030 - 11/09/17 “California Parental Rights Act of 2018”

Lee Olson

17-0031 - 11/16/17 “California Economic Rights”

Walter S. Glass II

17-0032 - 11/17/17 “Homeowners and Renters Tax Credit Act of 2018”

Jon Coupal

17-0033 - 11/20/17 "Voter Approval for Increases in Gas and Car Tax"

Thomas W. Hiltachk