Attorney General Information: Initiative and Referendum Proposals Pending Review By Attorney General

The list below indicates proposed initiative and referendum measures that have been submitted to the Attorney General for preparation of the circulating title and summary. When the official circulating title and summary is complete, the Attorney General forwards it to the proponent(s) and to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State then provides calendar deadlines to the proponent(s) and to the county elections officials. For more information, please consult the Statewide Initiative Guide (PDF).


The full text of the initiatives pending at the Attorney General's Office are available on the Attorney General's website.



Attorney General Tracking
Number and Approximate
Date Title and Summary will
be issued to Secretary of State
17-0033 - 11/20/17 "Voter Approval for Increases in Gas and Car Tax"

Thomas W. Hiltachk

17-0034 - 12/04/17 "Voter Protection Act of 2018"

Michael S. Warda

17-0035 - 12/12/17 "Worker Protection and Lawsuit Accountability Act, Version 1"

Sean McNally

17-0036 - 12/12/17 "Worker Protection and Lawsuit Accountability Act, Version 2"

Sean McNally

17-0037 - 12/12/17 "Worker Protection and Lawsuit Accountability Act, Version 3"

Sean McNally

17-0038, Amdt.#1 - 12/15/17 "The College for All Act of 2018"

Lolita Roibal
Lavanya Chekuru

17-0039 - 12/18/17 "The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, Version 2"

Mary Ross
Alastair Mactaggart

17-0041 - 12/27/17 "Affordable Housing Act"

Michael Weinstein
Elena Popp
Christina Livingston

17-0042, Amdt. #1 - 12/29/17 "Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act"

Debra Jane Murdock

17-0043 - 12/29/17 "Emergency Ambulance Employee Safety and Preparedness Act"

Sean Henschel

17-0044 - 01/04/18 "Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018"

Nina Salarno Besselman

17-0045 - 01/16/18 "Children's Hospital Bond Act of 2018"

Ann-Louise Kuhns

17-0046 - 01/17/18 "The People's Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act of 2018"

Thomas R. Loversky
Victoria Johnson

17-0047 - 01/18/18 "California Care Act"

Benjamen Tracey
Michael Borges

17-0048 - 01/22/18 "Accountability in Managed Health Insurance Act"

Mylka Rodriguez
Michael Borges