This is an introduction to some of the most common campaign disclosure forms filed by candidates early in their campaigns. It should be used as a supplement to (and not a replacement for) the Campaign Disclosure Information Manuals. The forms identified below are required by the Political Reform Act.

It is important to note that candidates may need to file a number of other documents in addition to campaign disclosure forms (e.g., Filing Fees or Petitions in Lieu, Declarations of Intention, Nomination Papers, Statements of Economic Interests).


What: Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement)
When: Form 501 must be filed prior to the solicitation or receipt of any contribution or expenditure of any personal funds used for the election.
  • The filing officer who receives the candidate's original campaign disclosure statements.


What: Form 410 (Statement of Organization Recipient Committee)
When: Must be filed within 10 days of receiving $2,000 or more. (May be filed earlier.) After Form 410 is filed, the Secretary of State will issue the identification number for your campaign committee.
  • The original and one copy with the Secretary of State's Political Reform Division, and
  • one copy with the local filing official, if any, with whom you file the originals of your campaign disclosure statements.
Form 410 Supplemental Instructions: For Multipurpose Organizations Including Nonprofits


What: Form 470 (Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement-Short Form) -- This form may be used when a candidate does not have a controlled committee and does not anticipate raising or spending $2,000 or more in a calendar year.
When: Must be filed no later than the deadline for the first required campaign disclosure statement. (May be filed earlier.)


What: Form 460 (Recipient Committee Campaign Statement) - This form is used by candidates and their controlled committees to disclose itemized receipts and expenditures
When: Must be filed according to applicable filing schedules.
Form 460 Supplemental Instructions: For Multipurpose Organizations Including Nonprofits