Since July 1, 2014, state law requires only the revised forms to be accepted for filing.

The following revised UCC filing forms are available on the Forms and Fees webpage and include:

  • UCC Financing Statement (Form UCC1)
  • UCC Financing Statement Addendum (Form UCC1Ad)
  • UCC Financing Statement Amendment (Form UCC3)
  • UCC Financing Statement Addendum (Form UCC3Ad)
  • UCC Information Statement (Form UCC5)

The forms can be downloaded, filled out online, printed and mailed to the Secretary of State's Sacramento office at P.O. Box 942835, Sacramento, California, 94235 or delivered in person to 1500 11th Street, 2nd floor, Sacramento, California, 95814. Please read all instructions carefully when completing the forms.

For faster processing, filings can be created electronically and submitted online at a reduced fee using the UCC Connect web service at

UCC filings are public records. Please do not put people at risk of identity theft by including social security numbers or any nonessential personal information on any documents for filing with the Secretary of State.

For more information on privacy enforcement and protection, visit the California Attorney General's website at