An Information Request (Form UCC11) is used to obtain searches and/or copies of UCC records on file with the Secretary of State’s office. Each request relates to a specific debtor, and a separate request must be submitted for each debtor name or variation of a debtor name.

Fees are required for each request and must accompany the request. Copy fees are based on the number of pages in a record. Filers may enclose a check with the notation "not to exceed $____" (usually $35 is sufficient). Once the fees have been determined, the check will be completed and a packing slip returned with the completed order. Pre–approval is required for all copy requests estimated to exceed $50.

The form available for download has been customized for use in California; other filing offices may offer variations in information options. Be sure to read all instructions for helpful information regarding the request form and information options available from this filing office.

Information Request Form for California (Form UCC11) (PDF)