An Attachment Lien is a document indicating that a court has issued a plaintiff (secured party) a writ of attachment on the personal property of a defendant (debtor).

This Notice of Attachment Lien (Form ATL), must be reproduced in a format prescribed by the Secretary of State’s office, including printing on 8 1/2” x 11,” white paper.

Submittals that do not conform to the form specifications will be rejected.

Please send the original document only. Filers automatically will receive an acknowledgment copy of the accepted document and an acknowledgment letter.

UCC filings are public records. Please do not put people at risk of identity theft by including social security numberor any nonessential personal information on any documents for filing with the Secretary of State. For more information, please see Social Security Number Redaction.

Notice of Attachment Lien (Form ATL) (PDF)