This trademark has a bald eagle, wings extended in the center with gold coins to either side. The name D. Ghirardelli's runs across the top of the trademark, in gold letters. Just under the eagle's wings are the words standard and quality. Across the bottom is a black ribbon with the words vanilla and chocolate in white letters,outlined in gold. In the center of the ribbon, is a logo with the letter DG entwined. The eagle is perched upon this logo. Under the ribbon is written San Francisco, Cal.

California's temperate coastal climate provided an ideal setting for chocolate manufacturing and spawned world-class Guittard Chocolate Co. and Ghirardelli Chocolate. The original signatures of confection Goliaths Domingo Ghirardelli and Etienne Guittard are visible on the trademark applications. Sugar, of course, played an important role in the creation of all these treats.