First page of California's 1849 State Constitution

California State Constitutions

 California's first constitution was approved in 1849 and was published in both English and Spanish. Full text and digital images of the English version and images of the Spanish version are available in the Records of the Constitutional Convention of 1849.

 For a general overview of how the 1849 Constitution was created, view our 1849 California Constitution Fact Sheet. (PDF) 

 The Constitution was revised in 1879, and a new English version produced. View the Constitution of the State of California 1879 (PDF) as published in the California Statutes of 1880. The 1878–1879 Constitutional Convention Working Papers contain the records created during the convention and include administrative records, minutes, resolutions, and other documents.

 By the early 1960s, the California Legislature believed that a revision to the Constitution may be necessary. They called for the creation of a Constitutional Revision Commission, composed of not less than 25 nor more than 50 citizen members, and 6 legislative members. The Commission continued to meet through 1970. Implementation of Commission recommendations continued through 1974 with the submission of several proposed constitutional amendments appearing on the ballot for the November general election. The Constitutional Revision Commission Records contain meeting files, documentation of activities and recommendations, legislative files, and personal biographies of those who served on the commission.

 View the current version of the California Constitution on the California Legislative Information website.