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June 1, 2017
Jesse Melgar or Sam Mahood
(916) 653-6575

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Statement on Paris Climate Agreement


“President Trump’s reckless decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement is a failure of leadership. His behavior and reckless disregard for our global partners is an embarrassment. He is projecting weakness and sullying the good name of our nation. We have a moral imperative to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions. Our environment, economy, and national security are all threatened by climate change. Climate change is real and there is urgent need for action.” 

“As the former chair of the California State Senate Energy Committee I was proud to advance bold goals and timetables to reduce carbon emissions. Our state has proven that we can grow the economy while protecting our environment. A healthy economy and a healthy planet are not mutually exclusive. Yet, Trump does not appear to understand this. I stand with Governor Jerry Brown and I too will resist Trump's misguided and insane course of action.” 


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