Secretary of State, Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D., launched the Ambassador Program to partner with counties, community-based organizations, community leaders and student leaders around the state to increase awareness about voting options in the upcoming elections. This program helps to build partnerships and connections between grassroots organizations, county registrars of voters, and communities to help close voter participation gaps. Ambassadors serve as non-partisan trusted messengers who work with the SOS and counties to improve voter education in the communities they serve.

We invite VCA Ambassadors to share the “More Days, More Ways to Vote” message on social media and in their local communities. Our message to voters is simple and promotes early voting. Voters in VCA counties can vote early in three major ways during every election:

  1. Vote by mail – Ballots are mailed 28 days prior to an election and can be returned by mail.
  2. Drop box locations - Voters can also return their vote-by-mail ballots at secure ballot drop box locations located all over their county. Ballot drop boxes are available as early as 28 days prior to election day. Please check your county website for locations.
  3. Vote Center – Vote in person at any vote center in the VCA county up to 10 days prior to election day.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Ambassador program, please email