Voter's Choice Act (VCA) Ambassadors

The Office of the Secretary of State is amplifying the “More Days, More Ways to Vote” voter education and outreach message to ensure voters in Voter’s Choice Act counties are informed about the available voting options under the VCA election model.

The VCA Ambassador program is an excellent way to become involved with this effort in local communities. The VCA Ambassador program focuses on building partnerships with trusted messengers in VCA counties to amplify the “More Days, More Ways to Vote” message and reach our most vulnerable and hard to reach communities as defined by the United States Census.

We are asking our VCA Ambassadors to join the Secretary of State and county elections officials in reaching voters in VCA counties to share the “More Days, More Ways to Vote” message on social media and in their local communities. Our message to voters is simple and promotes early voting. Voters in VCA counties can vote early in three major ways during every election:

  1. Vote by mail – Ballots are mailed 28 days prior to an election and can be returned by mail.
  2. Vote by mail – Secure ballot drop off locations are available as early as 28 days prior to election day. 
  3. Vote Center – Vote in person at any vote center in the VCA county up to 10 days prior to election day.

VCA ambassadors are community leaders, local and state elected officials, and trusted messengers who are committed to democracy and ensuring non-partisan access to voting and voter education. These individuals have taken a pledge to be messengers in the community and utilize social media to educate voters on the many ways their voices and votes can be heard.

VCA ambassadors are on-the-ground champions of voter education and outreach and will have the opportunity to build civic participation, encourage voter registration and promote voter turnout by informing citizens of the many “days and ways” they have to vote under the Voter’s Choice Act.