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Applicants cannot apply directly with the Secretary of State's Office for enrollment in the Safe at Home Program; therefore, Safe at Home partners with state-designated non-profit agencies that provide victims with enrollment assistance. Safe at Home's currently certified Enrolling Agencies are listed on the Enrolling Agency Referral List. These agencies receive referrals from Safe at Home and assist victims with applying for the program.

As a long-time advocate of victims rights, privacy and the protection of women, children and the elderly, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen would like to thank the 200-plus Safe at Home Enrolling Agencies and their dedicated staff members for their continued efforts to assist and provide valuable life-saving services to survivors of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.


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"I was opening mail you had forwarded to me and I suddenly felt so grateful to you, I just wanted to express it!"

Safe at Home Participant

"It has really helped me to be able to have an address to use that allows me as much confidentiality as possible."

Safe at Home Participant

"I'd like to thank everyone affiliated with this exceptional program for the peace of mind and safety it has afforded me for the past four-plus years."

Safe at Home Participant