Providers, employees, volunteers and patients of California reproductive health care services facilities that are fearful for their safety or for the safety of their families are eligible to enroll in the Safe at Home Program. (per Government Codes ยง 6215, 6215.1 and 6215.2)

Applicants must apply in-person at one of Safe at Home's designated reproductive healthcare services enrolling agencies, meet the qualifications for enrollment, provide the required evidence, and submit a $30 application fee with their application package in order to be enrolled in the program.

In addition to receiving a P.O. Box in Sacramento for receipt of their mail, participants can register as confidential voters and suppress their Department of Motor Vehicle information. Once enrolled, participants must follow program policies, accept all mail forwarded to them, and pay an annual fee of $75 to continue their active participation in the program.

Please contact Safe at Home for more information about how to apply as a reproductive healthcare applicant.