Applicants cannot apply directly with the Secretary of State's Office for enrollment in the Safe at Home Program. Safe at Home partners with state-designated non-profit agencies that provide victims with enrollment assistance. Safe at Home's currently certified Enrolling Agencies are listed on the Where to Find an Enrolling Agency page. These agencies receive referrals from Safe at Home and assist victims with applying for the program.

Applicants- Important Information Before You Enroll

  • Application Review Process Timeframe: The application review process timeframe is approximately three weeks.
  • Agent for Service of Process: The Secretary of State’s Office becomes your agent for service of process and mail receipt. If service of process or mail is refused, your participation in the program may be terminated and your mail returned to sender(s).
  • Changes of Address: You must notify Safe at Home, in writing, seven (7) days before moving to your new address or your program enrollment may be terminated and your mail returned to its sender(s).
  • Child Custody: You must provide all court orders related to custody, support and/or visitation of your minor  child/children with your application. If you do not have legal custody of your minor child or children, they may not be enrolled in the program. You may not use enrollment in the program to assist with establishing legal custody and/or visitation with the other parent or legal guardian. Additionally, you may not use enrollment in the program to avoid adhering to an existing custody, visitation or support order. Any use of the program to avoid detection of illegal criminal activity or to avoid law enforcement may result in termination from the program.
  • Other Parent Notification: Safe at Home is required by law to notify the other parent(s) of either you or your minor child/ children's enrollment within 10 days of processing your application so they can properly serve you with court documents. If you have a no-contact restraining order against the other parent, please submit a copy of it when you submit your application.
  • Pending Court Matters: Your designated Safe at Home mailing address and Authorization ID number should be used on all court correspondence.
  • Safety Planning: The services that Safe at Home provides should be used in conjunction with an overall safety plan. Speak to a victim advocate at one of Safe at Home's certified enrolling agencies for more information.
  • Use of the Safe at Home Address: Along with your designated Safe at Home mailing address, your Authorization ID number must be used next to your name, in a separate line, or as a box # on all mail received for you or your mail may be returned to its sender(s).
  • Illegal Use of Program Services: You may not apply to the Safe at Home program to avoid child custody and/or visitation, nor can enrollment be used to evade law enforcement. A determination that a participant has used the program illegally may result in immediate termination and disclosure of address information to law enforcement.

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Am I Eligible to Enroll?

Eligibility: To be eligible to enroll, you (or your minor child or an incapacitated adult for whom you are applying), must:

  • be currently domiciled in California;
  • be a victim or survivor of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault;
  • be in fear for your safety or for the safety of the minor or incapacitated adult for whom you are applying;
  • complete and sign the Application under penalty of perjury;
  • provide name and address information for all of your minor children;
  • provide name and address information for all of the other parents of all of your minor children;
  • provide all court orders related to the custody, visitation and/or support of your minor children;
  • provide name and address information for the legal counsel of record in those custody cases;

To support your application, you may also provide:

  • a police report;
  • a restraining order;
  • a police, court or government agency record or file;
  • a letter signed by a victim advocate with substantial knowledge of the abuse, harassment, or threats;
  • documentation signed by a legal, clerical, medical or other professional; or
  • another form of documentation that supports the victim’s sworn statement.

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About Enrolling Agencies and Advocates

You cannot apply directly with the Secretary of State for enrollment in the Safe at Home Program. Safe at Home partners with state-designated agencies for enrollment assistance.

Enrolling agency advocates:

  • provide counseling and information about Safe at Home and its services;
  • help you complete the Safe at Home documents;
  • forward the completed application materials to Safe at Home;
  • provide follow-up assistance, if necessary; and
  • assist you with applying for other valuable services; please be sure to ask the advocate you meet with for any assistance you may need.

To find an enrolling agency in your area, search the Enrolling Agency Referral List or call Safe at Home toll-free at (877) 322-5227.

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How do I Enroll?

To apply for the program, you must make an appointment with an advocate at a certified enrolling agency.

  • A list of Safe at Home Enrolling agencies in your area can be found here on our web site or by contacting our toll free number: (877) 322-5227.
  • The enrolling agency advocate will forward your completed application and any additional materials to Safe at Home.
  • Safe at Home reviews the materials to make a determination to accept or deny the application.
  • If the application is returned by Safe at Home for corrections or rejected because you do not qualify for enrollment, you and the enrolling agency advocate will be notified.
  • If further assistance is needed, the enrolling agency advocate may provide some follow-up assistance to you.
  • If the application is accepted, you will receive a packet of information about the program services and how to use your new designated Safe at Home mailing address.

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What Happens Once I am Enrolled?

Once enrolled, you will receive:

  • a Safe at Home laminated Authorization ID card;
  • a designated Safe at Home mailing address in Sacramento;
  • a unique Authorization ID number, which must be provided on ALL mail received; and
  • information about the other available services and how to apply for them.

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