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The Honor Veterans. Vote. program provides California citizens the opportunity to pay tribute and dedicate their vote to a veteran or active duty service member.

By submitting your dedication, you can choose to receive a certificate or a lapel pin to proudly display appreciation for your honored veteran or active duty service member. You can also choose to have an email notification sent to the veteran/service member you are honoring, notifying them of your tribute.

You may honor more than one veteran/service member, but only one lapel pin will be issued per voter. We encourage you to show your appreciation for our service members by wearing the lapel pin when you vote.

For additional information and resources on the Honor Veterans. Vote. program, visit www.sos.ca.gov/honor-vets/honor-vets-resources

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Secretary of State's Featured Dedications

Marine Corps

Official United States Marine Corps seal

Franklin H. Opp, Cpl; Served 4 years; Hometown: Garden Grove CA

Submitted by: Franklin E. Opp

Although not said enough, Dad thank you for being the man you are and thank you for serving this county to keep us all safe for time to come. I can only imagine the how great you were when you was serving this country. Talking with your old Marine brothers I can tell they had much respect for you and talked very highly of you. They all looked up to you just as I do. You have always been a great father to all three of us kids and a loving husband to mom.You taught me how to be strong and respectful but sensitive to the needs of others. You are the reason I am the man I am today and you are the reason my son, your grandson, is the wonderful person he is because I show him the love and caring you did to me. I only hope to be half the man you are. You are and always will be my "HERO". I love you dad with all my heart. Thank you.


Official United States Army seal

Madeline Metz, 2nd Lieutenant; Served 4 years; Hometown: Merced, CA

Submitted by: Amanda Hage

A true lady who endured so much for her country. I'm so proud to be her granddaughter! This vote's for you, grandma, and everyone else who has given do much for us to have the right to!

Marine Corps

Official United States Marine Corps seal

Tammy Ferencz, Lance Corporal/E-3; Served 3.5 years; Hometown: Oak Run, CA

Submitted by: Scott Ferencz

To the young Marine I met all those years ago and married, thank you for your service to our country. I love you! Semper Fi

Air Force

Official United States Air Force seal

Phillipe Bergerot, Staff Sergeant; Served 10 years, 3 months, 26 days; Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Submitted by: Carrie Bergerot

I am dedicating my vote to my father, a dedicated service man, a great father, and an even better American. He served in the Air Force for 10 plus years earning a rank of Staff Sergeant and many awards. He fought in Vietnam and was awarded for doing so. He also was awarded the Good Conduct award 3 times during his time in the service. His highest award was the Air Force Commendation Medal that was awarded to him for two specified periods of service. You were a great serviceman pops, and I will love you forever. I miss you dearly and will honor you with my vote for the rest of my life.


Official United States Navy seal

Neil L. Knoblock, E-5; Served 9.5 years; Hometown: Cameron Park, CA

Submitted by: Neil Knoblock

Neil Knoblock served his country in the United States Navy from 1971, through 1980. The 6th son, and the 5th brother to serve, he participated in 4 WestPac deployments through 3 presidential terms. Receiving numerous commendation, including formal recognition from the famed “Top Gun” school in San Diego, Ca., Neil also earning a Navy Commendation Medal for heroism.