Records Management and Appraisal (RMA) Program

The State Records Management Act (Government Code Sections 12270-12279) directs California's Secretary of State to establish and administer a records management program that applies efficient and economical management methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposal of State records.

The Records Management and Appraisal (RMA) unit within the California State Archives is responsible for the development and implementation of the State’s records management program.  RMA is made up of the California Records and Information Management (CalRIM) program and the State Records Appraisal Program (SRAP).

CalRIM reviews State entity Records Retention Schedules; establishes guidelines, including those for the management of electronic records; provides consultation; evaluates the effectiveness of existing records management programs; and assists in the establishment of new records programs. SRAP reviews Records Retention Schedules for records valuable to the history of California; appraises records sent to the State Archives; and maintains all State entity Records Retention Schedules.

Athena Records Retention Schedules

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Athena contains scanned records retention schedules for state agencies.


Training classes are provided to State entity Records Management Coordinators (RMC), Records Management Assistant Coordinators (RMAC), and Managers interested in the development, preparation, and maintenance of State entity Records Retention Schedules. Classes are presented the third Wednesday of every month except December.