Photograph Collections: 24-26

VB 4:P51(1–37)
Assembly County and City Jails Committee
Photographs. 1947. 37 items.

Arranged numerically. Format included is: photographic prints.

Contains photographs of state and local law enforcement officials and others who testified before the Committee on the subject of overcrowding in county and city jails. Facilities and operations of state and local correctional institutions and members of the Committee are also depicted.


VB 4:P50(2–18)
Assembly Judiciary Committee. Long Beach Tidelands Subcommittee.
Photographs. 1898–1955. 74 items.

Arranged numerically by exhibit number. Format included is: photographic prints.

Photographs were used as exhibits in legislative hearings concerning the effects of shoreline development (beach erosion, flooding…) in the Long Beach area. Some images are copies contained in a report submitted to the Committee which provided an historical overview of tideland development.


LP229:412, 454, 511, 656, 733
Senate. Senator Randolph Collier.
(Senator Randolph Collier Papers)
Photographs and film. 1939–1976. 113 items.

Arranged numerically. Formats included are: photographic prints and a motion picture film.

Photographs depict the State Senate in session, Collier with members of the California Highway Commission, with Governor Pat Brown and other legislators, at speaking engagements and various ceremonial functions, and touring flood ravaged northwestern California (1964?). The 16mm film depicts Collier traveling to various rural areas in his district probably to survey the condition of roads and bridges (1940's).

See Senator Randolph Collier Papers finding aid at the California State Archives for information about related records.