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April 30, 2020
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State Archives Releases New Digital Exhibit Featuring the History of California’s Farmworkers

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California State Archives has released its latest digital exhibit, “Farmworkers in the Land of Plenty,” which details the turbulent history of California’s agricultural labor force, dating back as far as 1850. This is the State Archives’ 22nd online exhibit to be hosted by Google Arts & CultureSecretary Padilla has made digitizing the treasures of the State Archives a priority.

Click here to view “Farmworkers in the Land of Plenty”.

This exhibit can also be viewed in Spanish, if the user’s browser is set to Spanish.

“Farmworkers are essential to the prosperity of California’s agriculture industry,” said Secretary of State Alex Padilla. “During our current health pandemic and throughout history, immigrants and low wage workers have worked tirelessly to provide food for the families of California and around the world. Thanks to many worker rights and economic justice advocates, California has gradually improved the conditions of our farmworkers over time, but this struggle continues. This exhibit highlights the important and often understated contributions made by California’s agricultural laborers.”

California is one of the largest agricultural producing regions in the world, generating billions of dollars in revenue every year. Farmworkers have come to California from various parts of the world to plant, care for, and harvest the crops of the Golden State. Workers have faced harsh working conditions, low wages, and little recognition for their crucial contributions. As a result, farmworkers, advocates, and community leaders have had to organize to prioritize the betterment of working and living conditions for farmworkers. The fight for these rights began in the 19th Century and continues to this day.

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