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July 11, 2017
Jesse Melgar or Sam Mahood
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California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Statement on Most Recent Election Commission Appointment


SACRAMENTO – California Secretary of State Alex Padilla issued the following statement on today’s appointment of J. Christian Adams to the President’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. 

“Anyone who doubted the Trump Administration’s voter suppression agenda needs only to look at the most recent appointment of J. Christian Adams to the Advisory Commission to unmask the President’s true intentions. The President has stacked the deck with individuals who have long supported policies that blatantly disenfranchise American citizens. Adams has been at the center of efforts to aggressively purge voter rolls. Across the country, citizens and elections officials are speaking out against this commission and its overreach. Adding hostile and divisive figures like Adams only serves to further discredit this commission and its flagrant attempt to roll back voting rights." 

“Adams, Kris Kobach, Hans von Spakofsky, and Ken Blackwell have worked methodically to decimate voting rights. They’ve supported oppressive policies that make it harder for eligible American citizens to register to vote and cast a ballot. Now they’ve come together to indulge the President’s outrageous lie that millions voted illegally. The appointment of Mr. Adams is just the latest proof that this sham commission is nothing more than a concerted effort to suppress the vote across the nation.” 


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