An Enrolling Agency is a California government agency or local non-profit agency designated by the Safe at Home Program that provides counseling, referral, shelter, or other specialized services to victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, human trafficking, and elder/adult dependent abuse, or a designated reproductive health care facility that provides services to employees, providers, patients, and volunteers.  Enrolling Agencies assist the applicant in determining if Safe at Home is a good fit within their safety plan and will assist with the completion of the application.

To apply to become a designated Enrolling Agency:

  • Please submit a completed Enrolling Agency Designation Agreement  to the Safe at Home program.
  • Individuals at an Enrolling Agency who will work with Safe at Home applicants must attend a training session administered by Safe at Home prior to serving applicants. Sessions are conducted statewide throughout the year, at no cost.
  • Enrolling Agency designation is valid for two years and may be renewed by submitting a renewal application to Safe at Home.
  • Enrolling Agencies will be notified prior to the expiration date with instructions regarding renewal.

Enrolling Agency Training

To register for Safe at Home Enrolling Agency Training, please call (877) 322-5227 or send an email to

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • Webinar trainings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 10 AM & 2 PM. Please email if you would like to receive an invitation to the next webinar

Designated Enrolling Agencies in need of outreach or application materials should call the Safe at Home office at our toll-free phone number (877) 322-5227 or send an email to