Program Overview

Promote the Vote California is an initiative created by the Secretary of State to promote a thriving business community that values civic engagement. We aim to foster partnerships, empower communities, and amplify voices to create a strong and inclusive California. We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve sustainable and meaningful progress.

Whether you are a small business owner or a nonprofit organization, there are many ways to get involved and make a positive impact in your community.

Join the movement - Promote the Vote!

Getting Involved

One of the key benefits of the Promote the Vote California initiative is its flexibility. Organizations can choose from a range of partnership relationships to suit their specific needs and goals.

By participating in our program, you can help to create a culture of civic engagement and encourage your employees, along with your customers, to take an active role in shaping the future of your surrounding community.

Promote the Vote Events

The Secretary of State’s Promote the Vote team works in collaboration with our partners to support company-sponsored events to register voters or increase voter turnout.

Engaging in these activities is an excellent way to make a difference and promote your company’s values. We work in concert with you to provide voter-centric educational materials and social media templates to increase your positive impact.

Please visit our events page here to learn more about our current program activities or those of our partners.

Outreach Request Form

This is an initiative dedicated to grassroots digital campaigns. Our partners can access educational tools for GOTV, registration, and social media campaigns on our website. When possible, we work with our partners to organize virtual events to reduce our carbon footprint. 

For more information on working with the Promote the Vote California outreach team, visit the Empowering Our Partners page, click the outreach button, and fill out the event request form. Please allow 30 days advance notice to confirm our participation.

Our Partners

We strive to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with every organization that participates in the Promote the Vote California initiative throughout the year.

By encouraging civic engagement, you help to build a sense of community and a sense of empowerment creating a workforce that is more informed, engaged, and motivated.

Ultimately, it is through partnerships like these that we can empower citizens to be active, engaged participants and build a stronger, more inclusive California.


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