A filer is responsible for filing statements or reports on time. Late filing impedes the public’s access to campaign finance and lobbying information. A main purpose of the Political Reform Act is to obtain filing of the campaign and lobbying disclosure statements required by statute. To encourage timely filing, the Act imposes $10 per day liability for late filing of statements or reports. (See Government Code section 91013.)

To see a list of filers who have been assessed a liability, review our Outstanding Fines for Late Filings

A request for waiver of liability must be submitted on a Form PRD-1 (PDF). The Secretary of State will consider a request to waive liability for late filing fines when we can conclude both that the late filing was not willful and that imposing the liability will not further the purposes of the Political Reform Act. (See Government Code section 91013.) This form must be filed under penalty of perjury within 30 days of receiving a liability notification.

For more information, review our Guidelines for Waiver of Liability of Late Filing Fines