Lobbying registration is valid throughout a two-year legislative session. Continuing lobbying entities must renew at the beginning of each legislative session. New lobbying entities must register within ten days of qualification during the two-year cycle (which starts in January of an odd year and ends in December of an even year). If any change occurs in any of the information contained in the registration statement, an amendment must be filed with the Secretary of State within 20 days of the change. If a client is added to the registration, or a name change occurs for an existing client, the amendment must be filed prior to attempting to influence legislative or administrative action.

For registration submitted during the first year of a two-year legislative session, a $100 fee is assessed in anticipation the lobbyist will continue during the remainder of the session. In the second year of the Session, the fee for any lobbyist added to an employer's or firm's registration is $50.

The following chart shows which forms must be filed for the initial registration, for any amendment to such registration, and for termination or withdrawal.

Registration ActivityForms$50.00/Year & Photo Per Lobbyist
1. Firm Initial Registration
(With Client, No Lobbyist)
601 602            
2. Firm Initial Registration
(With Lobbyist, No Client)
601     604       $/Photo
3. Firm Initial Registration
(With Both Lobbyist and Client)
601 602   604       $/Photo
4. Firm Adds Client (Or Lobbyist Employer)   602     605      
5. Firm Adds Lobbyist       604 605     $/Photo
6. Firm Adds Client of Another Firm   602     605      
7. Firm Deletes Client (Or Lobbyist Employer)         605      
8. Firm Deletes Client (Or Another Firm)         605      
9. Firm Deletes*
(Terminates) Lobbyist
        605 606    
10. Firm Withdraws Lobbyist         605   607  
11. Firm Terminates*
1 – Firm
1 – Each Lobbyist
12. Firm Withdraws (Plus 607 for Lobbyist)             607  
13. Lobbyist Employer (Lobbying Coalition) Initial Registration     603 604       $/Photo
14. Lobbyist Employer (Lobbying Coalition) Adds Lobbyist       604 605     $/Photo
15. Lobbyist Employer (Lobbying Coalition) Deletes Lobbyist*         605 606    
16. Lobbyist Employer (Lobbying Coalition) Withdraws Lobbyist         605   607  
17. Lobbyist Employer (Lobbying Coalition) Terminates           606    
18. Registered Lobbyist Employer
Adds Firm
19. Registered Lobbyist Employer
Deletes Firm
20. Miscellaneous Changes to Firm or Employer Registration
(Address, Etc.)

*Note: Form 606 is not filed for a deleted lobbyist if that lobbyist will continue as a lobbyist for a different lobbying entity within 20 days of the effective termination date.