1. How do I know if my filing was received?

After successful receipt, an email will be sent back to you stating “CA SOS, Political Reform Division has received your filing.” One confirmation email will be sent for each valid attachment, typically between 5-60 minutes after it has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email within that timeframe, check your junk mail.

If you are attaching multiple files to one email, please make sure that you receive a confirmation email for each individual file. The file name will be included in the body of the confirmation emails.

2. How can I submit my “paper” filing by email?

Before filing, please thoroughly read the instructions:
Digital Signature Filing Instructions for Campaign Filings
Digital Signature Filing Instructions for Lobbying Filings

3. Do I still need to file electronically or online?

**IMPORTANT: This guidance does not remove the online filing requirement pursuant to GC 84605 (Political Reform Act) to file electronically with the Secretary of State. If you are required to file electronically or online, emailing your filing does not fulfill your obligation.

Filing via email, with a verified digital signature, may only satisfy your requirement to file a paper filing with original ink signature.

4. Can I mail in or drop off my paper statement instead?

PRD will continue to accept paper filings when submitted to the Secretary of State. Filing by email is not mandatory, but an option to fulfill your paper filing obligation.

5. How do I receive my committee ID number?

If you have submitted an initial statement of organization to obtain a filer ID/FPPC number (Form 410 or Form 400), please allow 7-10 days for processing. Once complete, the committee will be sent an email confirmation. Committees who have been issued an ID number may find it by using the Cal-Access Search at https://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/.

6. How do I receive my lobbying ID number?

If you have submitted an initial lobbying registration statement to obtain a filer ID/FPPC number, please allow two weeks for processing. Registration is complete once all necessary documents and payments are received and processed.

Once complete, the lobbying entity will be sent an email confirmation letter to the address provided on the registration form. Lobbying entities who have been issued an ID number may find it by using the Cal-Access Search at https://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/.

7. Does the confirmation email mean my statement was successfully filed?

The confirmation email does not indicate that the filing has been approved, filed, and/or rejected. PRD staff will review emailed statements in the order they are received, and, if necessary, send correspondence by email to the filer.

8. When will my filing be processed?

All statements will be reviewed and processed in the order they are received. Increased processing times may occur at different times throughout the year based on the number and type of forms received by our office.

9. How do I sign my document with a verified digital signature?

Please review the FPPC’s digital signature requirements before submitting filings by email. Statements received with scanned copies or images of signatures do not meet the requirements for filing.

10. What if my digital signature is deemed not verified during review?

If your digital signature is not able to be verified by our staff, your filing may be rejected. Rejections and requests for corrections will be communicated to the filer by CA SOS Staff when necessary.

11. Can I send a ZIP File?

Yes, our server will accept and extract individual PDFs from within a ZIP attachment. Before creating the ZIP file, please follow the guidelines for each individual PDF:​​​
Digital Signature Filing Instructions for Campaign Filings
Digital Signature Filing Instructions for Lobbying Filings

12. Can I pay for my Lobbying registration with a credit card?

Yes, you can arrange to pay for your lobbying registration by credit card by sending an email to prdlobbying@sos.ca.gov.

13. How can I submit my lobbyist photo for the lobbying directory?

Please include all digitally signed forms, as well as the lobbyist photos and receipt of payment, in a single PDF attachment as your submission. If you forgot to include a photo with your registration documents, you can submit it as a separate PDF document with reference to the prior filing in the file name.

Example: A Lobbying Firm, amending their registration to add five lobbyists, would submit a Form 605 (amendment to registration), five Form 604s (one for each lobbyist), each lobbyist’s photo that includes the information on the attached photo tag and the receipt of the lobbying registration payment ($100 per lobbyist if registering during the first year of the legislative session).

14. How can I update the email address for my filing ID?

All changes to registration, including the update or addition of an email address, must be submitted by amendment of the appropriate registration form.

15. How can I obtain a copy of my filing?

To obtain a copy of your filed statement you may send a detailed email request to prdcopyrequests@sos.ca.gov.

16. I have questions about my emailed filing, who can I contact?

Questions about specific forms can be directed to the appropriate staff:

Forms/Filings Mailbox Description Email Address
Form 410 - Initial, Amendment, and Terminations Form 410 Inquiries form410review@sos.ca.gov
Forms 400, 401, 402, 425, 450, 460, 470 Short, 470 Summary, and 511

Slate Mailers, Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement, Campaign Disclosures, and Paid

Spokesperson Report

Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement Form 501 Inquiries form501@sos.ca.gov
Forms 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, and 607. For filers not meeting the $2,500 threshold - 615, 625, 630, 635, 635-C, 640, 645, and 690 Lobbying Requests prdlobbying@sos.ca.gov
Form 461 - Major Donor and Independent Expenditure Committee Campaign Statement - Initial and Amendments Major Donor/IE Inquiries form461@sos.ca.gov
PRD – 1 Waiver Requests prdwaivers@sos.ca.gov
Form 409 Limited Liability Company Statement of Members form409@sos.ca.gov