In Support of this measure: 


Total amount of reported contributions to this measure: $1,363,887* 

Individual Ballot Measure Committees Formed for this Measure

Committee ID**

Committee Name

Total Reported Contributions


Alex Padilla Ballot Measure Committee for Democracy and Justice - Yes on Propositions 16, 17, and 18



AltaMed Health Services Corporation (NonProfit 501(c)(3)) Yes on 15, 16, and 17



Free the Vote CA, Yes on Prop 17, sponsored by Civil and Voting Rights Organizations


*Through 10/14/2020. 

**The law also requires ballot measure committees that raise $1 million or more to report the Top 10 Contributors who have donated at least $10,000 to the committee.


In Opposition to this measure:


No committees identified.*


*Through 10/14/2020.