December 14, 2023

Secretary of State Weber Announces Results of Randomized Alphabet Drawing for the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Secretary of State held a randomized alphabet drawing today to determine the order that candidates’ names will appear on the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

The results of today’s drawing are as follows:

  1. G
  2. H
  3. A
  4. U
  5. T
  6. J
  7. L
  8. C
  9. B
  10. F
  11. V
  12. E
  13. N
  14. W
  15. Y
  16. S
  17. O
  18. X
  19. Z
  20. D
  21. P
  22. I
  23. R
  24.  K
  25. M
  26. Q

This alphabet applies throughout the candidate's name, last name first, followed, if necessary, by first name, then middle name. If more than one candidate's last name begins with the same letter, the alphabet applies to the second letter and, if needed, the third, etc., until different letters appear in the same position. For example, if two candidates with the last names Campbell and Carlson are running for the same office, their order on the ballot will depend on the order in which the letters "M" and "R" were drawn in the randomized alphabet drawing.

Today’s randomized alphabet drawing was held in the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office in compliance with Elections Code section 13112. Staff pulled the letters in a lottery-style drawing, with witnesses from the press observing virtually.

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