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November 1, 2012

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Record Number of Schools
Participate in California Mock Election

SACRAMENTO - According to statewide student mock election results, if California's youth could make the decisions, President Obama would serve another four-year term, Dianne Feinstein would continue to represent the state in the U.S. Senate and nine of the 11 November ballot propositions would become law. Students from a record-breaking 674 elementary, middle school and high schools voted this week in the MyVote California Student Mock Election.

Spearheaded by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, the MyVote California Student Mock Election is a hands-on civic engagement project that helps cultivate the voters of tomorrow. The mock election program provided teachers with resources and materials to broaden their civics lessons and make the November 6 election a teachable moment.

"Even though most of the students are not old enough to cast a real ballot this year, they gained real insights and deeper understanding of our democracy by taking part in the mock election," said Secretary Bowen, California’s chief elections officer. "The students researched the issues and candidates, debated with each other, and then voted on ballots just like many of their older family members will do next Tuesday."

The number of schools who participated in this year’s MyVote California Student Mock Election surpassed numbers from the five previous mock elections. In the 2008 presidential election season, 644 schools participated. In the 2010 gubernatorial election season, 433 schools participated. A list of participating schools and more information about the mock election program are at

Attached are the 2012 statewide results as reported by 674 schools.

PresidentVotesPercentage of
Total Vote
Thomas Hoefling (American Independent) 2,942 1.15%
Barack Obama (Democratic) 177,336 69.29%
Jill Stein (Green) 3,808 1.49%
Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 4,750 1.86%
Roseanne Barr (Peace and Freedom) 6,995 2.73%
Mitt Romney (Republican) 60,096 23.48%
U.S. SenatorVotesPercentage of
Total Vote
Dianne Feinstein (Democratic) 137,928 65.60%
Elizabeth Emken (Republican) 72,338 34.40%
U.S. SenatorYesPercentageNoPercentage
Proposition 30
Education Funding
137,298 65.26% 73,077 34.74%
Proposition 31
State Budget
106,928 55.82% 84,624 44.18%
Proposition 32
Political Contributions
78,381 40.23% 116,430 59.77%
Proposition 33
Auto Insurance
113,311 58.44% 80,579 41.56%
Proposition 34
Death Penalty
102,606 49.84% 103,262 50.16%
Proposition 35
Human Trafficking
140,199 70.99% 57,298 29.01%
Proposition 36
Three Strikes Law
125,591 63.07% 73,544 36.93%
Proposition 37
Genetically Engineered Foods
126,708 63.56% 72,649 36.44%
Proposition 38
Education and Early Childhood Programs
109,196 55.85% 86,311 44.15%
Proposition 39
Taxes for Multistate Businesses
120,051 64.27% 66,755 35.73%
Proposition 40
State Senate Redistricting Referendum
93,060 50.16% 92,483 49.84%