County 1% Manual Tally Reports

Under Elections Code section 15360(e), counties are required to report to the Secretary of State the results of the 1% manual tally conducted after each election. Elections Code section 15360(e) states:

"The official conducting the election shall include a report on the results of the 1% manual tally in the certification of the official canvass of the vote. This report shall identify any discrepancies between the machine count and the manual tally and a description of how each of these discrepancies was resolved. In resolving any discrepancy involving a vote recorded by means of a punchcard voting system or by electronic or electromechanical vote tabulating devices, the voter verified paper audit trail shall govern if there is a discrepancy between it and the electronic record."

County 1% Manual Tally Reports by Election

Local Elections

* Please contact the Office of Voting Systems Techonology Assessment at (916) 653-7244 or send an email to to request reports from this Election.


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