1997 Campaign Financing For:
Constitutional Officers, Legislative Incumbents, And Selected
Statewide Candidates


This report by the Secretary of State summarizes campaign financing activity reported by state officeholders from January 1 through December 31, 1997. In addition, the report includes financing information for selected statewide candidates.

During 1997, grand total receipts, expenditures and ending cash (as of December 31, 1997) for all incumbent constitutional officers and legislative incumbents were:

Campaign Financing By
California State Elected Officials:
January 1 through December 31, 1997


1997 Receipts

1997 Expenditures

Ending Cash

Constitutional Officers




Legislative Incumbents









For all state officeholders, grand total receipts during 1997 were $7.6 million, and grand total expenditures were $11.8 million. These amounts are relatively low compared to previous years because of the restrictions of Proposition 208, the campaign reform measure that was in effect for most of 1997 until it was invalidated in federal court. Proposition 208 essentially prohibited campaign fundraising by constitutional officers until June 2, 1997, and the same prohibition applied to legislative incumbents until December 2, 1997. In other words, during 1997 constitutional officers were able to raise campaign funds for future elections only during the last seven months of the year, and legislative incumbents were able to raise funds only in the month of December.

1993 is the best year to compare campaign financing activity for 1997. (Comparable information for 1995 is not available. Also, 1995 was not a year that preceded elections for constitutional offices, and unprecedented campaign activities for legislative offices were underway in 1995 because of the early state primary election scheduled for March 1996, rather than the traditional month of June.)

During 1993, constitutional officers and legislative incumbents raised a total of $38.6 million, compared to receipts of $7.6 million in 1997. In 1993, total expenditures were $28.5 million, compared to $11.8 million for 1997. (In 1993, an additional $10.2 million was raised and $9.8 million was spent in nine special elections for seats in the State Legislature.)

Although total receipts and expenditures in 1997 were much lower than comparable figures for 1993, these differences do not exist for the total amounts of cash-on-hand at the end of the respective years. At the end of 1993, the cash held by all constitutional officers and legislative incumbents totaled $21.2 million, compared to the end of 1997 when cash-on-hand totaled $21.8 million.

The following report also shows campaign finance activity for selected statewide candidates running in the June 2, 1998 primary election. (In this final section of the report, incumbents who also are candidates are identified with the offices for which they are running in 1998, rather than with the offices they held in 1997.) This section of the report identifies five candidates with 1997 receipts, expenditures or ending cash of more than $1 million. These five candidates, listed in order of their total 1997 expenditures, are:






Ending Cash

Al Checchi





Dan Lungren





Gray Davis





Cruz Bustamante

Lt. Governor




Bill Lockyer

Atty General





The information in the report is derived from campaign disclosure statements filed with the Secretary of State by campaign committees controlled by state officeholders and candidates. For each officeholder and candidate, the report identifies: beginning cash on hand (as of 1/1/97); contributions received (from 1/1/97 through 12/31/97); miscellaneous cash increases (receipts that are not campaign contributions - e.g., interest on bank accounts, refunds, and the receipt of repayments of loans previously made by the committee); expenditures made (from 1/1/97 through 12/31/97); ending cash on hand (as of 12/31/97); and outstanding debts (including accrued expenses).

Transfers of campaign funds between candidates/officeholders are deducted at the conclusion of the report so the final figures will not be inflated. In addition, funds transferred from an officeholder's/candidate’s controlled committee to another committee controlled by the same officeholder/candidate are netted out to avoid inflating contribution and expenditure totals.

"Contributions Received" consist of monetary and non-monetary (in-kind) contributions received by candidates' committees, plus loans received during the reporting period. Enforceable promises (pledges) are not included.

"Expenditures Made" consist of cash payments and loans made during the reporting period. Also included are repayments during the current period of loans originally received during the prior period. Accrued expenses are not included, although they are reflected in "outstanding debts." In addition, expenditures are adjusted to include amounts equal to non-monetary contributions received.

Candidates’ receipts and expenditures do not reflect independent expenditures made to support or oppose their candidacies.

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