California Secretary of State
Supplement to Campaign Financing for California State Candidates and Officeholders:
Contributions Received after the November 5, 1996 General Election and Before January 1, 1997 


During the eight weeks after California’s November 5, 1996 general election, and before the beginning of 1997, elected state officeholders received campaign contributions totaling $13,146,054.  

Proposition 208 (Campaign Contributions And Spending Limits) was on the 1996 general election ballot and passed by the voters. However, the measure’s strict limits on campaign fundraising did not take effect until January 1, 1997.  

Considerable attention has been focused on the campaign fundraising activities that took place after the general election and before January 1, 1997, when the restrictions of Proposition 208 went into effect.  

This report by the Secretary of State identifies total campaign contributions received by each elected state official from November 6 (the day after the general election) through December 31, 1996.  

The report ranks from high to low the amount of campaign contributions received by each state constitutional officer and each member of the State Legislature. For example, the report shows that the top five fundraisers during this time period were: 

Campaign Contributions 
Received By California 
State Elected Officials: 
November 6 - December 31, 1996 

Top Five Campaign Fundraisers From November 6 through December 31, 1996: California Elected State Officeholders
Speaker Of The Assembly Cruz Bustamante $ 1,676,219 
Attorney General Daniel Lungren $ 1,155,727 
Senate President Pro Tempore Bill Lockyer $    796,456 
Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis $    689,579 
Controller Kathleen Connell $    660,375 

The report also identifies and groups each elected state official according to the office held
- Constitutional Office, State Senate, and State Assembly.  The report shows the following
grand total contributions were received:
Grand Total Campaign Contributions Received From November 6 through December 31, 1996:
California Elected State Officeholders
Constitutional Officers
$     3,642,996
State Senate
$     3,695,921
State Assembly
$     5,807,137
$   13,146,054

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