Other Vendors

California Elections Code section 19201 specifies that no voting system may be purchased or used in a California election until the Secretary of State approves that system. Additionally, all direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines used in California must have an accessible voter-verified paper audit trail, pursuant to California Elections Code section 19250.

Microcomputer Tally System (MTS) (Conditional Reapproval - January 15, 2008)

Legacy Systems

The Datavote, Mark-A-Vote, Microcomputer Tally System (MTS), and Opto-Mark systems were in use in California prior to 2005 when new laws and regulations related to voting systems were enacted. These systems are required to comply with the law, but did not go through the same review and approval process that was installed in 2005.

Avante (Not Approved)

Populex (Application Withdrawn - December 7, 2006)

Vote-PAD (Not Approved - August 25, 2006)