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Secretary of State Sets Deadline for Counties to Retire Old Voting Machines and Modernize Election Infrastructure.

In an effort to strengthen the security of California’s election infrastructure, Secretary of State Alex Padilla has initiated the process for withdrawing certification or conditional approval of voting systems that were not tested or certified under the most recent state security standards.

The Secretary of State, pursuant to the authority granted in Elections Code Section 19232 withdraws certification and conditional approval of all California voting systems, in whole or in part, not tested and certified to the California Voting System Standards (CVSS), effective August 27, 2019. Elections Code section 19232 states that “the Secretary of State may decertify any voting system or part thereof, determined to be defective, obsolete, or unacceptable.” The voting systems being decertified contain obsolete hardware and software components, and employ endof-life operating systems that are no longer supported. This Notice of Withdrawal does not apply to other voting technology such as Remote Accessible Vote By Mail systems (RAVBMs) or Electronic PollBooks.

Public Hearing on Withdrawal of Certification and Conditional Approval of Voting Systems

March 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the State Capitol

1315 10th Street, Room 3191, Sacramento, California, 95814

The Secretary of State calls for a public hearing to provide interested persons an opportunity to express their views regarding this withdrawal of certification and conditional approval of voting systems not tested and certified to CVSS.




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