Votecal Deployment Status

VoteCal has been deployed to all of California’s 58 counties.  VoteCal deployment began with the go-live of two Pilot Counties (Orange and Sacramento) in July 2015.  Three more Pilot Counties (El Dorado, Mendocino, and Solano) went live in September 2015.   The remaining counties went live in groups (or deployment “waves”) from October 2015 through February 2016.  The project team originally scheduled counties to go-live in six waves.  However, several counties completed their go-live preparation activities early and went live on VoteCal ahead of schedule.  As a result, VoteCal was deployed to counties in five (rather than six) waves one month ahead of schedule.  The table below lists each county, their planned wave deployment date, and the actual date that the county went live.