Request for Proposal (RFP)

The most current version of the complete VoteCal Request for Proposal (RFP) is updated to integrate RFP changes communicated to Bidders by DGS as addendum.

Request for Proposal - July 24, 2012(PDF)



An addendum is an amendment to the RFP to clarify or alter requirements and expectations.

The link below displays a table that summarizes each individual addendum that has been made to the RFP since November 4, 2010, as well as links to the specific language of the addendum.

Summary of RFP Addenda


Questions and Answers

Prospective bidders that want clarification of the intent or content of the RFP or on procedural matters regarding the competitive proposal process can submit written questions according to the process described in the RFP. Responses are issued as a Question and Answer set (Q&A set) by DGS in collaboration with the VoteCal team.