Bidder's Library

This document briefly explains the structure and content of the VoteCal Statewide Voter Registration System (VoteCal) Request for Proposal (RFP) Bidder's Library. The library includes three primary components:

Project Planning and Definition Documents

This section of the library includes documents that provide broad overviews of the VoteCal Voter Registration System's scope, schedule and resources as well as pertinent constraints and assumptions. This section includes documents such as VoteCal's feasibility study report (VoteCal Feasibility Study Report, dated 3/20/2006) and subsequent Special Project Reports (SPRs).

Documents Specifically Referenced in the RFP

This section of the library includes documents directly referenced by the VoteCal RFP. These documents include current versions of: relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines; SOS business rules, data validations, and technical standards; and, current versions of the SOS VoteCal project plans, processes and practices. An index to the documents included in this section presents the following information for these documents: each RFP section that references one or more documents included in this section; a link to the referenced document; and the specific RFP requirements, deliverables and/or sub-sections in which the document is referenced.

Other Informational Documents

The last two sections of the Bidder's Library (documents referenced in the RFP, and other informational documents) may be updated with additional documents and/or new versions of existing documents.