Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Requirements

The Secretary of State established the VoteCal Voter Registration Database Project (VoteCal) to develop and implement the requirements of the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002.

In particular, Section 303 of HAVA (Public Law 107-22, 107th Congress) sets forth the computerized statewide voter registration list requirements.

  1. The State shall implement a single, uniform, official, centralized, interactive computerized statewide voter registration list defined, maintained, and administered at the State level.
    This computerized list will:
    • serve as the single system for storing and managing the official list of registered voters;
    • contain the name and registration information of every legally registered voter in the State;
    • assign a unique identifier to each legally registered voter in the State;
    • provide electronic accessibility to the information contained in the list by any election official in the State;
    • allow all voter registration information to be electronically entered into the computerized list by any local election official in the State; and
    • serve as the official voter registration list for the conduct of all elections for Federal office in the State.
  2. The State must perform list maintenance to the computerized list on a regular basis. The state shall coordinate the computerized list with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation regarding felony status and the California Department of Public Health regarding death records. The list maintenance shall be conducted in a manner that ensures that:
    • the name of each registered voter appears in the computerized list;
    • only voters who are not registered or who are not eligible to vote are removed from the computerized list; and
    • duplicate names are eliminated from the computerized list.
  3. The State shall provide technological security to prevent the unauthorized access to the computerized
  4. The State shall ensure that voter registration records in the State are accurate and updated regularly through a system of file maintenance and safeguards so eligible voters are not removed in error.
  5. The State shall verify the voter registration information of applicants. An application for voter registration must include the applicant's current and valid driver license number or the last four digits of the applicant's social security number. If the applicant has not been issued a current and valid driver license number or social security number, the State shall assign the applicant a unique identifying number for voter registration purposes.
  6. The State shall match information in the database of the computerized list with the database of the motor vehicle authority that has an agreement with the commission of Social Security to verify applicable information.