32nd Senate District1
Special General Election, May 14, 2013

Official Canvass State Senator

Abbreviations for the qualified political parties are:

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Similarly, voters who were previously known as "decline-to-state" voters (because they did not have a party affiliation) are now known as having "no party preference" or known as "NPP" voters.

Candidates Los Angeles San Bernardino Total Votes Cast Percentage of Total Votes Cast
Norma J. Torres, DEM 3,452 17,799 21,251 59.6%
Paul S. Leon, REP 2,041 12,391 14,432 40.4%
County2 Registered Voters Precinct Voters Vote-By-Mail Voters Total Voters Percent of Vote-By-Mail Voters Percent Turnout
Los Angeles 58,134 1,792 3,701 5,493 67.38% 9.45%
San Bernardino 284,217 4,642 25,548 30,190 84.62% 10.62%
District Total 342,351 6,434 29,249 35,683 81.97% 10.42%
  1. Vacancy resulting from the resignation of Gloria Negrete McLeod.
  2. State Senate District 32 includes all or portions of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

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