The Polling Place Accessibility Checklist (Checklist), is designed to help county elections officials follow the Polling Place Accessibility Guidelines and make it easier to comply with federal and state requirements for accessible polling places.

If you have questions about the Checklist, please send them to or contact the Secretary of State's Elections Division at (916) 657-2166.


Complete Polling Place Accessibility Checklist (PDF)


Polling Place Accessibility Checklist by Section

Checklist Cover Page (PDF) | (DOC)

  1. The Parking Area Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  2. Path of Travel Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  3. Doorways, Hallways, and Entrances Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  4. The Voting Area Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  5. Signage Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  6. Ramps, Curb-Ramps, and Slopes Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  7. Elevators and Lifts Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)
  8. Restrooms Checklist(PDF) | (DOC)

Polling Place Accessibility Surveyor Training Video